When is the right time to update your technology?

Technology is an integral part of any business. The problem this presents is that technology ages and eventually needs to be replaced. With the sheer volume of new systems and hardware components being introduced on a daily basis, it can be daunting to determine whether you should upgrade or not. Here are five signs that you should consider when making a decision to update your business’s hardware, software, and/or infrastructure. 1. Replacement parts are difficult to find for your existing technology… Computers, servers, and even mobile devices are made up of a number of components that rely on other parts in order to operate properly. If one breaks down, there is a good chance that the whole system will stop working. For many newer pieces of hardware and systems, replacements are easy to come by. But, if something breaks and … READ MORE »

Can you expand a bit more on the threat posed by malicious social engineering?

Microsoft calls your office referencing a security threat you recognize as very recently being in the news. The Caller ID shows “Microsoft, Redmond, WA” and the representative is very well spoken and pleasant. He has an excellent answer for every cynical question you ask, and emphasizes the urgency of the situation. He states that Microsoft takes its commitment to the security of its customers very seriously, and this is why they’re contacting licensed owners of Windows 7 Professional to immediately patch this critical security flaw. He just needs to walk you through going to a website to install a remote access agent… What do you do? This is the hallmark of a current targeted social engineering scam that has so far resulted in many thousands of systems and networks being compromised, with immeasurable consequences. What’s worse is that they appear … READ MORE »

What are some best practices for avoiding current and new security threats?

Nobody wants to acknowledge it, but it’s true… Hackers are getting smarter and far more creative with the methods they use to try to acquire your trust, sensitive information, and money. The methods they now employ go far beyond their attempts to install malware on your computer or device. There is a growing trend toward mimicking legitimate companies and their websites to gain your confidence and entice you to reveal information you would never should to even a perceived “trusted” source. Many recognize the Nigerian 419 e-mail scam as the beginning of the modern confidence game, playing on trust and promises of untold riches, even skeptical people fell victim to it in greater numbers than anyone could believe. Recently, a particularly nasty piece of malware called “CryptoLocker” encrypted infected users files and demanded a $300 to $1,000 payment to provide … READ MORE »

What are some ways to get more relevant and accurate internet search results?

Let’s face it; searching the internet can be a frustrating endeavor. In some ways it’s almost a struggle between you, searching for the exact information you need, and the millions of advertisers trying to entice you into looking at what they want you to see, namely their products or services. This may seem like a losing battle, but there are some ways to effectively narrow down your results to sites that are far more likely to take you to the information you seek. You just need to know how search engines like Google “think”. Although most search engines are trying to employ a more human element in the way they structure and display results, the fact remains that they are still very logical in their approach to providing results to queries, and you can use that to your advantage. Here … READ MORE »

Why a Blog?

Recently, I was shocked to realize how much writing and documenting I’ve done over the years. Many of the topics were for articles or talks that I was giving at technology industry events or local chamber meetings. Others were more focused on implementation documentation or overviews of client situations, issues, or events. Still more were technology solution recommendations. I’ve created this blog to refresh and share some of these items, and provide a little insight into some of the current IT trends that are affecting small business owners. My primary goal is to educate a lot, entertain a little, and hopefully help business owners understand how they can leverage technology to help them grow. There’s a good chance that I’ll provide occasional insight into some of my interests beyond technology here as well, so feel free to share your comments … READ MORE »

We’ve launched our new Blog, TECHLINQ Talk, as an integral part of our website…

For those of you who don’t (or do) know me, here is a brief professional bio: I’m Anton Ruighaver, President and COO of AHR Consulting / TECHLINQ in Riverdale, NJ. I began my technology “career” at the age of 15, when I authored, copyrighted, and sold my first software application to a software publisher. It was a program written for the Atari computer platform called “The Math Machine,” which was designed to make learning everything from basic math to algebraic equations fun. This passion for computers led to a progression through several technology positions in the banking industry and elsewhere, during which I earned a reputation as a highly effective problem-solver specializing in operations efficiency. With the inception of AHR Consulting (TECHLINQ’s parent company) in July of 1989, I developed a unique (at the time), “service-centric” IT philosophy which focused … READ MORE »