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Tips To Reduce IOT-Related Risk In The Healthcare Industry

Most, if not all, cybersecurity experts believe that anything connected to the internet can be hacked. So with the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT devices in the healthcare industry, it’s only wise that organizations understand and address the risks associated with the ubiquity of IoT. Computing devices that contain a treasure trove of patient data are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Healthcare apps, for instance, hold plenty of sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, prescriptions, and medical histories. Should hackers ever get a hold of this information, they could resell it on the dark web or use it to steal their victim’s identity. They could even use this information to gain direct control over other IoT equipment, which would lead to even bigger consequences. Similarly, hackers could exploit vulnerable medical devices to infiltrate even the … READ MORE »

Don’t Be A Victim Of Watering Hole Attacks

With cybercriminals continuously developing new ways to infiltrate networks and steal user data, it is more crucial than ever to stay one step ahead of these perpetrators. Protect yourself from one of the most common methods that cybercriminals use to inject malware into computers: watering hole attacks. The term “watering hole” colloquially refers to a social gathering place where a particular group of people often go to. As internet users, we all have unique “watering holes” or websites that we visit frequently. A financial analyst, for example, is likely to visit websites related to financial investments and market trends. In a watering hole attack, cybercriminals observe the watering holes of a specific demographic and infect their most visited websites with malware. Any user who has the misfortune of visiting any of these compromised sites will then have their computers automatically … READ MORE »