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What, exactly, is Net Neutrality and what does it mean to my business?

In many western countries we are blessed with a free and open Internet, but in the US there is a battle currently raging over the idea of Net Neutrality. Chances are high that you will have heard this term thrown around by various experts and media outlets. In November, President Obama took a stance on this issue. Here is an overview of Net Neutrality, the stance from The White House, and what this could mean for your company. What is Net Neutrality? In order to define Net Neutrality, we should first look at the main idea behind what the Internet is: a free and open medium where individuals can express and house thoughts, ideas, and more. It was founded on one principal, and one principal alone: All information and Internet traffic MUST be treated equally. This free, open, and fair … READ MORE »

When is the right time to update your technology?

Technology is an integral part of any business. The problem this presents is that technology ages and eventually needs to be replaced. With the sheer volume of new systems and hardware components being introduced on a daily basis, it can be daunting to determine whether you should upgrade or not. Here are five signs that you should consider when making a decision to update your business’s hardware, software, and/or infrastructure. 1. Replacement parts are difficult to find for your existing technology… Computers, servers, and even mobile devices are made up of a number of components that rely on other parts in order to operate properly. If one breaks down, there is a good chance that the whole system will stop working. For many newer pieces of hardware and systems, replacements are easy to come by. But, if something breaks and … READ MORE »